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You’re very welcome in your pregnancy from the moment your questions or need for information is there, please join together with your partner if possible. It’s supporting to know more about breastfeeding to make a good start together as a family. How does the breastfeeding process work, how to avoid pain, how to enjoy, how can you position and latch your baby at the breast?

This masterclass webinar is a complete and wonderful introduction to breastfeeding. I want to share with you all you need to know about how to ensure a successful start to breastfeeding. And even so important, how to keep it going in a pleasant, enjoyable way! Useful information, clear visual examples and practice…

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Home consultation lactation consultant

On this page we will briefly introduce ourselves and the different kind of consultations Borstvoeding & meer has to offer. Feel free to contact us for more extensive information.
Mirjam has worked as a midwife for over 10 years. In 2012 she qualified as an International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She loves the beauty of every pregnancy and every mother-baby situation, because every one of them is special. She really enjoys getting to the bottom of complicated breastfeeding situations and thrives when a mother and baby grow in their own particular ways. She is also a trained babymassage- and babywearing consultant. She works with a team of 9 breastfeeding-experts, we are all available for English Speaking families.
As Borstvoeding & meer we always try to find a solution that suits the family we’re helping: what’s good for all of you? We like to think in challenges rather than problems and over the years we’ve found out that there is a great ‘grey area’ between breastfeeding and powdered milk.
A Lactation Consultant is trained to help mothers and baby’s in the breastfeeding process with a wide range of problems, e.g.:

  • Mastitis
  • Too much or too little milk
  • Too little growth
  • Latching or sucking problems
  • (Inexplicable) pain
  • Breastoperations
  • Making a plan before your baby is born But we also help families with the breastfeeding process when there are no pathological problems with mother or baby.

For example:

  • Comfortable ways to breastfeed baby
  • Too much or too little milk
  • Insecurity (is there enough? Is this normal?)
  • Baby’s rhythm and behaviour
  • Getting back to work



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