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Chiropractic Is Simple.
It is a natural approach to your family’s overall wellbeing and health. It is about improving the brain & body connection through the nerve system!
The nervous system is key to the overall function of the human body.
This is why Chiropractors are focused on the Brain and Nerve system. We look for subluxations (Blokkades) throughout the spine and see how they could be interfering with the nerve system. As a Chiropractor we adjust the subluxations and allow your body to function at its best.

At Family Chiropractic We Are Neurologically And Function Focused.

When adjusting throughout pregnancy we work with balancing the nervous system to prepare you for birth. There are a lot of changes that occur during pregnancy to say the least! We have a variety of gentle and specific techniques that we use for the comfort and ease of you and baby during development/growth.

Some mums want to make sure that they have the best brain and body connection possible while growing a little one, the adjustments have been proven to help with the ease of delivery and shorter labor times, improved sleep, reduced nausea, increased energy levels, leading to fewer interventions at birth, pelvic floor support, optimal fetal position, some have discomforts during the pregnancy – these can be signals that something is happening on a deeper level – from a nerve system level.

For your little ones Chiropractic care could be incorporated into their life right from the very beginning. This provides an incredible start to life. The reasons why Parents are bringing their children to come and see a chiropractor:

Maximize their child’s plasticity (brain and nerve development) Enhance their child’s health and wellbeing.
Strengthen immunity and reduce the incidences of colds, earaches and general illness. To help with colic and an irritable baby. Breast feeding – latching, tongue tie, lip tie, only feeding on one side. To improve their child’s ability to concentrate Assisting with behavioral changes and offer a greater emotional wellbeing. For example, ADHD, Autism, Bed wetting and digestive changes Sleeping. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies etc..

A little about me : Charlotte Kate Hildreth. I am from New Zealand. I have 14 Chiropractors in my family. My Chiropractic Journey began right from the beginning of my life. My Mum was checked throughout her pregnancy and then I was checked & adjusted at 5 days! As far back as I can remember we would go along to the chiropractor as a family it was a lifestyle. Then I decided when I was 15 that I would become a chiropractor. I graduated from The New Zealand Chiropractic College. During my years as a Chiropractor, I have been fortunate enough to practice in New Zealand, Rarotonga and also in Holland. I specialize with babies, children and pregnancy chiropractic.


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