Pregnancy course on demand


Pregnancy course on Demand
You can take this online course where and whenever you would like.
You will have access to all the lessons for 90 days.

I am a certified childbirth trainer at Samen Bevallen.

Most insurance companies will therefore reimburst this course.

Every woman should have access to a good and complete pregnancy course.

It should not be, because you are now living in the Netherlands, that you have to miss out on a pregnancy course.

You are going to experience one of the biggest events in your life in a country with (most likely) a different view on pregnancy and delivery, then back home.

A good preparation is key, so you know what’s coming and what are your choices in the Dutch system.

Knowledge = power = confidence = tranquility

The course consists of several lessons, varying from 10 till 45 minutes.

When you are tired, you stop and continue at a later time. The video’s can also be watched several times.

All video’s have a hand-out that can be downloaded for printing to have a reference book, if that is  your preference.


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